Marriage and Family Therapist Interview Questions

Marriage And Family Therapist Interview Questions

September 27th, 2019

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) address psychological issues affecting couples and wider familial structures with the overarching aim of promoting their healthy, sustainable functioning.

When interviewing MFTs, skilled candidates should exhibit nearly-unrivaled levels of emotional intelligence. Be wary of candidates who would force restoration in instances where this might be maladaptive.

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Interview Questions for Marriage and Family Therapists:

1. What utility does family systems theory have for therapy?

Evaluates familiarity with the salient advantages and pitfalls of family systems theory.

2. How would you treat an instance of deeply-ingrained parental alienation syndrome?

Reviews the capacity to promote restoration through the reframing of consequential familial relationships.

Examines the number, assortment, and extent of features deemed to be influential.

4. How would you treat someone with vastly different perspectives about the familial unit?

Inspects cultural competence.

5. Why should we build resilience in familial units?

Tests knowledge of the ties between familial resilience plus individual and group health.

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