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Marbleseed, formerly known as MOSES, is a well-established organization that supports the Midwest's regenerative and organic farmers with farmer-led events, mentorships, and educational resources. Employers throughout the U.S. can use the platform's job board to connect with farming directors, caretakers, field crew, and more.

The job board is quite basic and only offers an efficient online job posting process, lacking additional hiring tools like employer branding, job distribution, and social media promotion. However, thanks to its free job posting service, Marbleseed gives employers a budget-friendly approach to hiring agricultural talent.


  • The site is available in multiple languages, including Spanish and Swahili.
  • Marbleseed offers a free job posting service, making it more affordable than some of its competitors, such as Good Food Jobs.
  • Listings stay live on the site for 60 days.
  • Employers benefit from access to local farming events and comprehensive agricultural resources.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.
  • Employers can post full-time, part-time, and seasonal vacancies at all career levels, as well as internships and mentorships.


  • The job board is quite basic and does not offer employer branding or job distribution.
  • Listings aren't shared to Marbleseed's social media pages.
  • The platform lacks access to a resume database and applicant tracking tools.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Marbleseed.

How to Post a Job on Marbleseed:

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5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Marbleseed:

Two easy steps for posting a job on Marbleseed.


Posting a job on Marbleseed.


Go to Marbleseed's job board.

Go to Marbleseed's job board.

From the home page, click on "RESOURCES" and select "JOB BOARD toward the middle of the page.


Create and post your listing.

Create and post your listing.

Click on the green "SUBMIT JOB" button and fill out the pop-up job posting form with your vacancy details, including the job title, description, and employer website. Once you're done, click on "NEXT/SUBMIT."

Once your job post has been approved, it will go live on the site. This process may take up to one working day.

Marbleseed vs. AgCareers.com:

Marbleseed and AgCareers.com both cater to the U.S. farming job market, but the latter has the larger reach, receiving more than 120,000 unique monthly visits. While Marbleseed has a free job posting service, it is less feature-rich than AgCareers.com, which offers resume searches and employer branding, but at a much higher price point.

Marbleseed vs. Farm and Ranch Jobs:

Like Marbleseed, Farm and Ranch Jobs offers a free job posting plan, albeit limited, as well as access to a niche pool of agricultural talent. Farm and Ranch Jobs also features social media promotion, highlighted listings, and targeted email alerts, which Marbleseed lacks.

Marbleseed vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a popular job board that advertises a wide range of general vacancies. In comparison, Marbleseed primarily caters to the farming and agricultural sector, making it the better option for targeted hiring. Both sites have a free job posting option, but Indeed offers resume searches, which Marbleseed lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 1995


Spring Valley, WI 54767




1 (888) 906-6737




What is Marbleseed?

Marbleseed is an agricultural organization with a job board that helps employers find and hire farming professionals throughout the U.S.

How much does it cost to post a job on Marbleseed?

Marbleseed offers a free job posting service.

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