Managing Editor Interview Questions

Managing Editor Interview Questions

September 28th, 2020

Managing editors are responsible for developing and executing a company's content strategy. They conduct SEO research to discover what their audience searches for online, determine the best ways to reach that audience, ensure that all content meets publishing standards, and more.

When interviewing managing editors, suitable candidates will demonstrate excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. Unsuitable candidates will lack confidence and have poor quantitative reasoning.

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Interview Questions for Managing Editors:

1. How do you determine what content to create?

Candidates should talk at length of the importance of data in guiding their content development strategy. Look at how they gather data, how they analyze data, and whether they use any external data sources.

2. How do you use SEO in your job?

Candidates should be knowledgeable about all levels of SEO, including on-site optimization, keyword research, and link-building. Look for examples of how they used SEO tactics in previous roles to boost traffic and engagement.

3. What kind of content should our business be developing in the coming months?

This question will test the candidate's knowledge of the job he/she is applying for. Look for knowledge of the industry you operate in, your competitors, and creative approaches to developing a content strategy.

4. How does experience in your previous role benefit you in the role you're applying for?

Candidates should talk at length about challenges they faced in a previous role and how it prepared them to take on greater responsibility. Look for creative approaches to problem-solving.

5. How do you stay abreast of developments in your field?

Candidates should discuss how they monitor both their competition and changes to Google's search algorithm. Bonus points for candidates who attend industry conferences or partake in any kind of continued learning.

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