Content Editor Interview Questions

Copy Editor Interview Questions

Last updated July 22nd, 2018

Content Editors are responsible for delivering content that is accurate and free of spelling and grammatical errors. They also ensure that texts are logical, well written, and suited to the target audience.

Suitable candidates will have excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills. Be wary of candidates who lack formal training and experience.

Content Editor Interview Questions

1. How do you plan and prioritize your work?

Demonstrates if the candidate is organized and will be able to meet deadlines.

2. How do you determine if a piece of writing is good?

Reveals more about the candidate's knowledge and standards.

3. How would you suggest content improvements to senior managers or well-known authors?

Tests the candidate's communication skills.

4. Describe a time when you were fact-checking and found conflicting information. How did you determine which source to trust?

Tests candidate's critical thinking skills.

5. Have you ever received negative feedback on a piece of writing that you have signed off? What was your response?

Reveals more about the candidate's experience and ability to handle critique.

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