Assistant Editor Interview Questions

Assistant Editor Interview Questions

September 18th, 2020

Assistant editors work with editors to deliver relevant, original, engaging, and accurate content. They may work in various publication fields, such as print, digital, and film. Assistant editors mostly work in a supportive role, but may also be responsible for their own editorial section of a company.

When interviewing assistant editors, look for candidates who demonstrate editing and publishing experience, as well as familiarity with publishing tools. Be wary of candidates who lack proficiency in English and who demonstrate weak writing, proofreading, and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Assistant Editors:

1. How would you use SEO in your work as an assistant editor?

Illustrates the candidate's understanding of SEO and its relevance in the publishing industry.

2. What kind of topics would you pitch during the summer months?

Indicates the candidate's experience with delivering content that engages topical trends.

3. How would you give feedback to a writer who has used weak sources?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication and problem-solving skills.

4. Can you describe the voice of our brand?

Indicates the candidate's knowledge of the company and their writing style.

5. How do you approach delegating tasks?

Shows the candidate's ability to manage a team.

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