Magazine Editor Interview Questions

Magazine Editor Interview Questions

February 24th, 2020

Magazine Editors are communication professionals who are responsible for the content and quality of a publication, and ensure that the features are interesting and informative. They manage writing staff, develop content ideas, and proofread and edit content prior to publication.

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Magazine Editor Interview Questions

1. How do you manage your daily tasks?

This tests the candidate’s organizational ability.

2. How do your editing skills improve the quality of content being published?

This illustrates the effectiveness of the candidate’s editing skills.

3. What suggestions do you offer to writers who make many mistakes?

This tests the candidate’s problem solving ability.

4. What methods do you use to comply with industry regulations?

This illustrates the candidate’s knowledge of industry regulations.

5. How would you ensure that content is relevant to a target audience?

This illustrates the candidate’s ability to understand the target audience.

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