Litigation Paralegal Interview Questions

Litigation Paralegal Interview Questions

July 2nd, 2020

Litigation Paralegals prepare Attorneys and clients for their appearance in court, or in other legal proceedings. Litigation Paralegals also provide important post-trial support.

When interviewing Litigation Paralegals, preferred candidates should be responsive to Attorneys' and clients' needs. Be wary of candidates who do not fully grasp all relevant legal principles and procedures.

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Interview Questions for Litigation Paralegals:

1. Which aspects of the trial planning phase are frequently overlooked?

Reveals expertise, including attention to minutiae.

2. Which resources would you consult when preparing for trial?

Assesses legal research techniques.

3. What would you do if a client divulged jarring details about their case?

Examines the ability to uphold ethical standards, plus willingness to seek appropriate support.

Tests knowledge about one's scope of skills.

5. How do the duties of a Litigation Paralegal facilitate the work of law firms?

Demonstrates an understanding of one's role, plus a sense of value for one's work.

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