Paralegal Interview Questions

Paralegal Interview Questions

March 21st, 2018

Paralegals conduct research, draft and organize documents, speak to witnesses, and perform other tasks to support lawyers and clients. Successful candidates will be organized, thorough, and efficient. Avoid those who lack critical thinking or computer skills.

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Interview Questions for Paralegals

1. Describe some of the cases that you’ve worked on. How did you assist the legal team in developing strategies/solutions?

Reveals more about experience.

2. When multitasking, how do you ensure that your work is completed accurately and by the deadline?

Shows time management skills.

3. What aspects of law are most comfortable with? What do you struggle with?

Reveals strengths/weaknesses.

4. How do you go about getting information from a difficult/emotional witness?

Tests communication skills.

5. Explain some of the administrative duties you’ve handled. What software you’ve used? How do you organize information?

Shows technical skills.

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