Life Coach Interview Questions

Life Coach Interview Questions

September 30th, 2019

Life Coaches promote clients' goal attainment by co-creating actionable plans and bolstering their existing self-regulation techniques. Life Coaches subsequently monitor the sustainability of clients' achievements.

When interviewing Life Coaches, suitable candidates should be able to encourage a self-directed approach to goal-setting. Avoid dysregulated candidates who lack resilience.

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Interview Questions for Life Coaches:

1. What are some of the most meaningful goals that your coaching has allowed clients to actualize?

Illustrates the extent of life coaching experience, including the capacity to resolve laborious cases.

2. How would you uncover latent objectives that were not yet discernible to clients?

Unveils investigative skills, plus the ability to guide introspection to elucidate obscured goals.

3. How would you deter clients from engaging in maladaptive goal-setting?

Evaluates limit-setting skills.

4. Are there any objectives that are not amenable to life coaching?

Reviews ideas about coaching-related boundaries.

5. Which services would you recommend as adjuncts to coaching?

Highlights ideas about pertinent support services.

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