Liaison Job Description

Liaison Job Description

September 25th, 2019

Liaisons operate as go-between agents for institutes seeking to collaborate. Liaisons work in a plethora of spheres, including financial consulting, healthcare, and education.

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Liaison Job Description Template

We are searching for a well-spoken Liaison to manage our collaborative efforts. The Liaison should seek to establish mutually beneficial, encouraging relationships with targeted groups, establish parameters for collaborative efforts, and serve as a reliable contact point with whom stakeholders can address concerns. You should also conduct periodic evaluations to elucidate additional possibilities for collaboration.

To ensure success as a Liaison, you should always be in tune with our firm's strategic objectives. A noteworthy Liaison will constantly endeavor to ameliorate obstacles to open communication.

Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing company norms, processes, and goals to maintain your knowledge thereof.
  • Detecting opportunities for meaningful collaboration within and across industries.
  • Securing collaborators' buy-ins and discussing parameters to be observed.
  • Relaying our company's interests and working to further these through collaborative efforts.
  • Elucidating, discussing, and implementing actions that expand our collaborators' goals.
  • Perceiving and working to remedy concerns surrounding our collaborations.
  • Devising appropriate frameworks to derive maximum benefit from all partnerships.
  • Reporting on the utility of existing and prospective collaborations to guide future undertakings.

Liaison Requirements:

  • Completion of an accredited Communication Studies program.
  • Former Liaison experience within a pertinent industry.
  • Ability to employ collaboration to promote the actualization of ideas.
  • Willingness to encourage the restoration of previously beneficial partnerships, where fitting.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Flexible, amicable, and community-oriented approach.
  • Adherence to designated procedural guidelines.
  • Committed to bolstering our firm's reach through collaboration.

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