Liaison Interview Questions

Liaison Interview Questions

September 25th, 2019

Liaisons act as the main contact point for companies looking to work together. Iterations of this general title exist across a multitude of environments.

When interviewing Liaisons, noteworthy candidates will be communicative and dedicated to using collaboration to fuel expansion. Avoid candidates who exhibit diminished business acumen.

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Interview Questions for Liaisons:

1. Which strategies would be most effective in bolstering our collaborative network?

Provides insight into relationship-building techniques.

2. How would you proceed if requested to collaborate with a competitor?

Examines cognizance of pertinent threats and how to proceed in light of these.

3. What would you do if a key collaborator breached the parameters governing the partnership?

Reviews discretion and litigiousness.

4. Under which conditions might you end a healthy, fruitful collaboration?

Inspects analytical skills and business-mindedness.

5. Which community-based institutions would you like to see us partner with next?

Evaluates familiarity with the company's aims and knowledge about its existing collaborations.

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