Leasing Manager Interview Questions

Leasing Manager Interview Questions

February 24th, 2020

Leasing Managers advertise properties, locate potential lessees, and draft housing agreements. Leasing Managers also ensure lessees' adherence to stipulated requirements.

When interviewing Leasing Managers, brilliant candidates will be able to source lessees to occupy traditionally unpalatable buildings. Avoid uninvolved candidates who lack sound contract drafting abilities.

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Interview Questions for Leasing Managers:

1. How would you market an inconveniently located apartment?

Tests marketing prowess.

2. How would you draft error-free contracts?

Discerns legal expertise and attention to minutiae.

Illustrates knowledge about pertinent documents.

4. How would you prevent rowdiness among tenants?

Evaluates rule-setting, assertiveness, and follow-through abilities.

5. When would you withhold a lessee's deposit?

Indicates familiarity with legally-mandated procedures.

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