Kitchen Manager Interview Questions

Kitchen Manager Interview Questions

The purpose of a Kitchen Manager is to oversee everything in a restaurant's kitchen including employees and food preparation. In many restaurants, the kitchen manager may also be the head chef. They are tasked with scheduling shifts, supervising the cooking preparation, and altering the menu.

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Kitchen Manager Interview Questions:

1. How would you ensure your staff remains motivated during stressful shifts?

Tests the candidate’s leadership and management skills.

2. Which important kitchen safety rules are implemented to protect the kitchen staff?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of health and safety regulations.

3. How would you ensure your kitchen staff adheres to sanitation regulations?

Reveals the candidate’s ability to enforce compliance with safety regulations.

4. There is a shortage in supplies and you’re expecting a large group of diners. How would you handle this situation?

Tests the candidate’s problem-solving skills.

5. What qualities do you look for when recruiting a new chef?

Highlights the candidate’s experience recruiting new employees.

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