Key Account Specialist Interview Questions

Key Account Specialist Interview Questions

September 16th, 2019

A Key Account Specialist works in coordination with Key Account Managers in overseeing client accounts. Key Account Specialists provide customer support, prepare reports, and create plans for specific projects.

When interviewing Key Account Specialists, the ideal candidate should be well organized, possess strong customer relations skills, and good time management skills. Be wary of candidates who struggle with numerical skills, lack problem-solving skills, and seem unapproachable.

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Interview Questions for Key Account Specialists:

1. How do you build strong relationships with your clients?

Reveals customer relations and interpersonal skills.

2. Can you share your most successful project so far?

Reveals candidates' experiences and ability to perform well in this position.

3. What CRM software are you familiar with?

Shows candidates' experience with customer relationship management tools.

4. How often do you draft progress reports for your manager?

Tests organizational and time management skills.

5. What advice on managing customer complaints would you give a new Key Account Specialist?

Highlights how the candidate approaches resolving customer complaints.

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