Junior Copywriter Interview Questions

Junior Copywriter Interview Questions 420X320 20200626

October 28th, 2020

Junior copywriters, also known as bloggers or journalists, are responsible for writing content for websites, blogs, and/or newspapers. Junior copywriters take briefs from clients or editors and create original, creative content.

When interviewing junior copywriters, the ideal candidate should show intelligence, creativity, and an ability to meet deadlines. Be wary of candidates with poor time management skills.

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Interview Questions for Junior Copywriters

1. How do you begin planning an article?

Shows the candidate's thought process when beginning a task.

2. How do you ensure that you meet deadlines?

Demonstrates the candidate's time management skills.

3. Which subjects are you most familiar with writing about?

Shows the candidate's experience.

4. How would you respond if you were asked to rewrite an article because it was not written adequately the first time?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to accept criticism.

5. How do you conduct research for an article?

Shows the candidate's research skills.

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