Senior Copywriter Interview Questions

Senior Copywriter Interview Questions

February 24th, 2020

Senior Copywriters produce, edit, and publish original content about products and services.

When interviewing Senior Copywriters, preferred candidates should be highly creative with great attention to detail. Avoid candidates with poor research and time management skills.

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Interview Questions for Senior Copywriters:

1. How would you measure the success of blog posts?

Reveals knowledge of applicable KPIs.

2. What techniques would you use to improve SEO?

Tests familiarity with effective SEO strategies.

3. Which publishing platforms are you familiar with?

Provides insight into industry technology.

4. How would you ensure correct grammar and spelling in all content?

Tests attention to detail and editing skills.

5. What is the best piece of writing in your portfolio?

Reveals previous experience and assesses confidence in one's work.

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