Janitorial Supervisor Interview Questions

Janitorial Supervisor Interview Questions

July 18th, 2019

Also known as Custodial Supervisors, Janitorial Supervisors oversee the duties performed by janitorial staff working in either hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, or other establishments. They ensure that the janitorial staff completes all assigned duties in a timely manner.

When interviewing Janitorial Supervisors, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate a strong worth ethic, sound leadership skills, and working knowledge of various cleaning methods. Be wary of candidates who have low energy and poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Janitorial Supervisors:

1. What criteria do you follow when assigning tasks to janitorial staff?

Demonstrates the candidate's industry knowledge, organizational skills, and experience.

2. How do you address recurring staff absences?

Demonstrates the candidate’s leadership and communication skills.

3. How do you handle a situation in which two staff members are accusing each other of damaging a heavy-duty vacuum?

Demonstrates the candidate’s conflict resolution skills as well as leadership skills.

4. How do you monitor the work performed by janitorial staff?

Demonstrates the candidate’s leadership skills, communication skills, and experience.

5. How do you address instances of poor work performance?

Demonstrates the candidate’s leadership and communication skills.

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