IT Architect Interview Questions

It Architect Interview Questions

Otherwise known as software, enterprise and projects architects, companies hire IT architects to architect and design their information technology solutions and services.

When interviewing IT Architects, the ideal candidate will exhibit strong communication skills, vast technical knowledge, and a passion for IT architecture. Be wary of applicants who express their ideas poorly, do not demonstrate the quality of leadership, nor talk passionately about what they do.

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IT Architect Interview Questions

1. Why do you want this IT Architect job?

Reveals whether they are passionate about their profession.

2. What have you learned from errors in a previous IT Architect job?

Reveals whether candidate has specific examples which prove credibility.

3. What challenges are you in search of in this IT Architect position?

Determines if candidate would be a good fit for the role.

4. What would a typical work week involve for an IT Architect?

Shows whether candidate is organized and efficient, and what they prioritize.

5. What would you say are your biggest weaknesses?

Reveals whether candidate is aware of their weaknesses and if they are willing to work on them.

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