Invigilator Job Description

Invigilator Job Description

September 16th, 2019

Invigilators monitor test-takers, search for suspicious activity, calm highly anxious students, and provide logistical assistance. Invigilators may be permanent staff or contract workers.

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Invigilator Job Description Template

We are searching for a highly alert Invigilator to assist with shaping and supervising test conditions. The Invigilator will be required to allocate test materials, investigate dubious events, and patrol the test venue. You should also ensure that all scripts reach the drop-off area.

To ensure success as an Invigilator, you should review all available facts before making potentially influential decisions. An outstanding Invigilator will be sensitive to and accommodating of test-related anxiety.

Invigilator Responsibilities:

  • Dressing in a manner that does not create visual, auditory, or olfactory distractions.
  • Handing out test papers and answer booklets before the test begins.
  • Patrolling the test venue to maintain a steady but calm presence.
  • Surveying the area to perceive abnormal activity.
  • Acting on cheating and other violations to the rules in a non-disruptive manner.
  • Providing students with additional answer booklets upon request.
  • Accompanying students to the restrooms and confirming that they have signed the register to monitor movements and suspicious behavior.
  • Collecting test papers and scripts per students' individual requests and at the end of the test period.
  • Counting submissions to ensure that all are present and neatly organized.
  • Transporting all pertinent materials to predetermined drop-off points in a safe manner.

Invigilator Requirements:

  • High school diploma.
  • Knowledge of sound test and invigilation procedures.
  • Ability to remain discreet while maintaining a presence.
  • Outstanding fact-checking and improvisational skills.
  • Strong monitoring, investigating, and communication abilities.
  • Sensitive to test-related anxiety.
  • Willing to invigilate evening tests.

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