Examiner Interview Questions

Senior Product Manager Interview Questions

September 16th, 2019

Examiners review assignments to ascertain whether the creators have grasped all instructions, covered pertinent material, and displayed extra effort. Examiners may also complete supporting paperwork.

When interviewing Examiners, preferred candidates should be sticklers for detail and capable of using rubrics with discretion. Avoid candidates who cannot submit marked works by the prescribed deadlines.

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Interview Questions for Examiners:

1. Where would you grade assignments?

Highlights consideration for optimal marking conditions and the safety of scripts.

2. How would you assess good arguments that were poorly presented?

Illustrates perceptions about the importance of language, coherence, and layout.

3. How would you keep track of your thoughts while marking long assignments?

Reveals note-taking abilities and thoroughness.

4. When would you deviate from the marking instructions?

Tests fairness, discretion, and decision making.

5. What kind of feedback do students benefit from the most?

Suggests prior engagement with students and other stakeholders.

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