Invigilator Interview Questions

Invigilator Interview Questions

September 16th, 2019

Invigilators ensure that the test conditions are optimal for students by distributing test materials, fielding questions about logistical procedures, and minimizing distractions. Invigilators arrive at their venues before students do, and then leave once everyone has departed.

When interviewing Invigilators, strong candidates will be composed and considerate of test-takers' feelings. Be wary of those with poor investigative skills.

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Interview Questions for Invigilators:

1. Which measures can help test-takers to feel less anxious?

Reveals familiarity with effective contextual solutions and an awareness of test-related anxiety.

2. How would you prevent internet use by individuals who were writing computer-based tests?

Examines surveillance skills.

3. Where would you address a possible case of cheating?

Tests discretion and a regard for other test-takers.

4. What would you do if someone seemed to be cheating during restroom breaks?

Illustrates investigative skills and the ability to traverse uncomfortable predicaments.

5. How would you move test papers between areas?

Assesses handling techniques and speed.

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