Investment Analyst Interview Questions

Investment Analyst Interview Questions

January 11th, 2021

Investment analysts are experts at researching and interpreting financial data relating to currencies, bonds, stocks, and other financial assets. They work in specific financial sectors of specialization such as manufacturing, services, or finance, forming part of a larger team that analyzes and deliberates on investment opportunities for clients.

When interviewing investment analysts, top-quality candidates will set themselves apart with their confident communication skills and by indicating a complex understanding of markets and financial investment trends. Be wary of candidates who aren't adaptable to changing opportunities or who struggle to work well in a team.

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Interview Questions for Investment Analysts:

1. Which commodity or stock would you invest in if you wanted to give a client medium-risk growth?

Reveals the candidate’s understanding of investment strategies.

2. What are the key qualitative indicators of a business's long term success?

Tests the candidate’s broader understanding of business success.

3. How would you deal with a colleague on your team who is underperforming?

Reveals the candidate’s ability to handle conflict as well as disruptions in the workplace.

4. Can you walk us through your research and analysis process for a potential investment opportunity?

Highlights the candidate’s previous experience and their approach to investment analysis.

5. What personal characteristics do you possess that make you an ideal investment analyst for our company?

Tests the candidate’s ability to think dynamically and reveals their confidence in their abilities.

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