Financial Analyst Interview Questions

Financial Analyst Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Financial Analysts help clients make better investment decisions and develop financial strategies by studying how different investment vehicles perform. Successful candidates will be analytical, ethical, and knowledgeable. Avoid those who lack communication or computer skills.

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Interview Questions for Financial Analysts

1. How do you begin developing a financial strategy for a client? What information do you use?

Tests planning skills.

2. How do you pitch new strategies to clients? How do you handle resistance?

Tests presentation skills.

3. Explain how you would help a client without a finance background understand complex financial information.

Tests communication skills.

4. How have you utilized computers in the finance? Tell about the programs you’ve used.

Shows computer skills.

5. Describe how you have handled financial strategies that didn’t work out. How did you handle the client and solve the problem?

Shows adaptability.

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