Intervention Specialist Interview Questions

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May 16th, 2019

An Intervention Specialist assesses children with special education and social adjustment needs, and designs personalized education programs for them. Preferred applicants are knowledgeable, analytical and empathetic. Avoid uninformed, harsh applicants.

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Intervention Specialist Interview Questions

1. How do you capture and hold the attention of children with ADHD in a group setting?

The applicants' answer will demonstrate their abilities as an Intervention Specialist.

2. How would you ignite the volition subsystems of unwilling and negative children?

The answer to this question will further display the candidate's abilities.

3. Could you share three of your success stories as an Intervention Specialist?

This answer will give you an indication of challenges the prospective hire overcame, which will further display their experience. They will reveal their problem-solving skills in this answer as well.

4. Do you believe you can influence the course of children's futures, and why?

The applicant's answer will share the degree of passion they will employ in this role.

5. Could you give examples from past experience where you collaborated effectively with parents to assist children with special education needs?

At times parents could have ideas regarding solutions for their children that vary vastly from yours. It is important for an Intervention Specialist to have the ability to work collaboratively with parents.

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