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Idaho Statesman Jobs


$398.00 /post - $877.00 /post.

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Resume database

Job board syndication

Social media promotion

Customer support

Phone and email.


Idaho Statesman Jobs is a comprehensive job board that affords employers plenty of value. It posts jobs on multiple job boards that reach a global audience and offers a suite of tools to streamline the recruitment process. This justifies its starting price of $398.00 per post, making it a costly but effective option for listing vacancies.


  • All job posts are listed on major job boards, including Indeed and ZipRecruiter, giving your vacancies maximum exposure.
  • A candidate management tool and applicant tracking system make it easy to see and manage all your candidates in one place.
  • Candidates are automatically ranked according to their relevance to the job requirements.
  • Three price points make the job board appealing to small, medium, and large companies.
  • Customized recruitment packages are available to companies who need individualized job posting options.
  • Job posts are shared across the company's social media accounts and LinkedIn.
  • There are unlimited user logins, so multiple employees at your company can access the system.
  • Dedicated recruitment staffing specialists are available to assist employers with any questions they might have.
  • Advanced analytics makes it easy to see how popular your job is and how many candidates interact with it.
  • The company provides tips and best practices for crafting a compelling job post.


  • There are no free job posting options.
  • Access to the candidate resume database is only available with the Premium plan.
  • Rival job boards IdahoWorks and Idaho Nonprofit Center are more affordable alternatives.
  • Most reviews are about their print newspaper. There is a lack of reviews for the job board.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Idaho Statesman Jobs.





$398.00 /post.


$573.00 /post.


$877.00 /post.

*Idaho Statesman Jobs offers customized job post packages to meet individual company needs. Contact the company via email for more information.

How to Post a Job on Idaho Statesman Jobs:

$398.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Idaho Statesman Jobs:

Seven easy steps for posting a job on Idaho Statesman Jobs.


Posting a job on Idaho Statesman Jobs.


Go to the Idaho Statesman's jobs page.

Go to the Idaho Statesman's jobs page.

Navigate to jobs.idahostatesman.com and click on the "POST A JOB" button in the top-right corner of the page.


Click on the "Post a Job Now" button.

Click on the "Post a Job Now" button.

The blue "Post a Job Now" button is centered on the page.


Choose a package.

Choose a package.

Choose a job posting package that meets your budget and hiring needs. Read each package description and click on the blue "Purchase now" button beneath your desired option.


Add your email address.

Add your email address.

Enter your email address in the popup box to begin the job posting process.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Add details in the relevant fields, including the job title, job description, application instructions, and more. Click on "Preview Job" if you want to see what your job post looks like, then click on the blue "Continue" button to proceed.


Review your order.

Review your order.

Read through your job post details to ensure that everything is accurate. When you're happy, click on the blue "Continue" button.

An optional job exposure popup box will appear with the option of increasing your job post visibility to the Diversity Network. If you don't want this add-on, click on "No thanks."


Pay for your job post.

Pay for your job post.

Add your personal and billing information in the relevant text fields and click on the blue "Post Job" button in the bottom-right corner of the page. This makes your job post go live and concludes the process.

Idaho Statesman Jobs vs. Boise Idaho Jobs:

Compared to Boise Idaho Jobs, Idaho Statesman Jobs has a wider audience and has advanced candidate management features that streamline the hiring process. BoiseIdahoJobs.com's pricing starts at $179.00 per 45-day post, whereas Idaho Statesman Jobs is far costlier at $398.00 per standard listing.

Idaho Statesman Jobs vs. IdahoWorks:

IdahoWorks is a free job posting service from the Idaho Department of Labor. It is used by local businesses that want a quick and easy way of finding talent, while Idaho Statesman Jobs is for companies that want to maximize their reach. Idaho Statesman Jobs offers advanced recruiting tools at a starting price of $398.00 per post.

Idaho Statesman Jobs vs. Idaho Nonprofit Center (INC) Job Board:

The INC Job Board differs from Idaho Statesman Jobs in that it is used by nonprofits and attracts job seekers who want to work for social causes. Idaho Statesman Jobs is a general job site with a wider reach and higher price point, charging $398.00 per post compared to the former's cost of $30.00 per post for members and $130.00 for nonmembers.

Key Information

Legal Name



James S. Reynolds

Founding Date

Jul 01, 1864


10400 Overland Road PMB 385, Boise, ID 83709

Number of Employees





1 (208) 377-6370




What is Idaho Statesman Jobs?

Idaho Statesman Jobs is a popular job board that gives job posts massive exposure on multiple international job boards. They offer employers a host of recruitment tools to make managing large volumes of applicants easy and efficient.

What does it cost to post a job on Idaho Statesman Jobs?

Idaho Statesman Jobs' pricing ranges from $398.00 to $877.00 per post. The company also offers tailored solutions for companies who need custom packages.

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