Why should you invest in a career page?

A company's career page can get job seekers excited about your company and drive them to apply for a job or cause candidates to reconsider their initial interest.

A career page that consists only of a list of job openings is a lost employer branding opportunity, whereas one that includes a complicated application method with complete disregard for the user experience may deter candidates for good.

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How to Create a Great Career Page:

A company career page should be created with the job seeker in mind. It should showcase the company, provide information that is of interest to potential candidates, and be appealing and user-friendly to ensure a positive candidate experience.


Introduce your employer brand.


Create a headline.

Create a headline.

While "Careers" or similar is an apt title for your careers page, a friendly call to action, such as "Join our team," sets a more inviting tone and actively encourages users to consider applying to work at your company.


Introduce your company.

Introduce your company.

Give an overview of what your company is about in one or two sentences, focusing on your mission. Then, tell candidates about your company values. Be sure to keep it short, clear, and inspiring.


Define your ideal candidate.

Define your ideal candidate.

Describe what you look for in candidates and value in your employees. This may include specific characteristics and skills, particularly soft skills.


Share a glimpse of your company culture and benefits.

Share a glimpse of your company culture and benefits.

Give candidates some insight into what it would be like to work for your company. Mention your company culture, office life, benefits, and daily activities.


Manage expectations and list opportunties.


Outline the hiring process.

Outline the hiring process.

Describe how your hiring process works so that candidates know exactly what to expect. This should start with the job application method and include the types and numbers of screenings, tests, and interviews, as well as estimated timeframes for each step.

Remember to make it easy to apply, as a complicated application process can quickly deter candidates.


List current job openings.

List current job openings.

When listing current vacancies, be sure to include carefully crafted job descriptions that clearly define the job role and responsibilities.


Provide more insight into your company.


Add input from current employees.

Add input from current employees.

Ask your current employee for quotes about why they like working at your company and include snapshots or short videos of teamwork in action or team events.


Tell the company's story.

Tell the company's story.

Give a brief history of the company, highlight specific milestones in the company’s growth, and discuss future goals.


Make the page attractive and user-friendly.


Focus on the user experience.

Focus on the user experience.

Take care to create a positive user experience by presenting information simply and clearly, ensuring the navigation is easy and intuitive, making it mobile-friendly, and keeping the design clean and uncluttered.

This includes making the career page itself easy to find.


Invest in great content.

Invest in great content.

Use attractive graphics, animations, images, and interesting videos to make your career page appealing and engaging. However, don't make it overwhelming or too busy. Any media you include should serve a purpose and add to the user experience.

How to Create a Great Candidate Experience

A step-by-step guide for creating a positive candidate experience.


What is a career page?

A career page is the section of a company's website that lists current vacancies as well as other information that may interest candidates. This may include an overview of the company as a workplace, feedback from current employees, and similar content.

What should be included on a careers page?

  • Company mission and values.
  • Outline of the hiring process.
  • Insight into the workplace.
  • Feedback from current employees.
  • Current job openings.
  • Company milestones and achievements.

How much does a career page cost?

The cost of creating a career page will depend on the resources you use to create one. You may be investing only your time and adding to or adjusting your existing website yourself, paying a team to create compelling content and a webpage, or using a third-party service, such as LinkedIn.

What are some career page content ideas?

  • Outline your company mission, vision, and values.
  • Introduce your company culture.
  • Add quotes from current employees.
  • Describe the hiring process.
  • Provide a sneak peek of daily life at your company.

What are some career page content examples?

  • A description of the hiring process.
  • A list of career opportunities.
  • Feedback from employees.
  • An overview of the company's values, culture, and history.
  • Text, images, and/or videos of daily life at the office.

What is a company career site?

A company career site is a page or pages on a company's website that are dedicated to current career opportunities. It often includes a range of content that promotes the employer brand and gives potential candidates an idea of what the company is about, what they look for in employees, what it would be like to work there, and what the hiring process looks like.

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