Hospital Sitter Job Description

Hospital Sitter

A Hospital Sitter is a caregiver who provides patients in need of supervision with companionship and care. Hospital Sitters provide a compassionate substitute for restraints, seclusion rooms and other measures to deal with challenging patients. Also known as Patient Sitter or Patient Companion.

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Hospital Sitter Job Description Template

We are looking for a compassionate Hospital Sitter to support our staff and patients' loved ones by providing patients with companionship and care. The Hospital Sitter will provide relief for patients’ families and loved ones, and sit with antagonistic, distressed, dying or suicidal patients, or with those at risk of falling. You will provide care in a manner that soothes patients, observe for changes in their condition, and summon nursing staff where necessary. You will desist from performing unauthorized duties.

To be successful in this role, you need to be knowledgeable and adjustable to understand and respond to the emotional states and mindsets of individual clients. Top applicants are observant, respectful and diplomatic.

Hospital Sitter Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring supervision of patients at all times.
  • Assisting patients with basic personal care, and to move or walk around.
  • Providing patients with emotional support.
  • Monitoring patients' vital signs.
  • Refraining from performing additional, unauthorized functions.
  • Detecting changes in condition of patients.
  • Alerting nursing staff when patients need help.
  • Maintaining records of care provided for patients.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patient information.
  • Adhering to relevant policies, procedures and standards.

Hospital Sitter Requirements:

  • High School Diploma, GED, or suitable equivalent.
  • Ability to perform basic nursing functions such as taking vitals.
  • Outstanding communication, listening and observation skills.
  • Ability to respond swiftly.
  • Ability to work well together with others.
  • Professional appearance and proficient personal hygiene.
  • Calm, confident manner.
  • Undeterred by distressed or combative patients.
  • Available to work shifts, over weekends and on public holidays.

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