Hospital Sitter Interview Questions

Hospital Sitter

May 16th, 2019

A Hospital Sitter provides companionship and care for patients who need supervision, such as those who are distressed, confused or dying. Preferred applicants are empathetic, emotionally resilient and competent. Avoid insensitive or over-sensitive applicants.

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Hospital Sitter Interview Questions

1. How do you assess—besides from getting input from loved ones—the mindset and emotional state of individual clients?

The applicants’ answer will demonstrate their people skills and their proficiency as a Hospital Sitter.

2. Do you have the emotional capacity to provide companionship for suicidal or dying patients?

To provide effective companionship for dying or distressed patients, a Hospital Sitter needs to remain stoic to ensure their inner turmoil doesn't upset vulnerable patients. Listen for the applicant to convince you of this ability.

3. Are you pleasant company, and why would you say so?

The answer to this question should display the candidate's ability to be an effective companion for patients. Also listen to the candidate's manner of speaking. Avoid loud, harsh candidates who will agitate patients, and those who have challenges controlling their volubility.

4. How do you provide heartfelt care for a patient who offends you?

The prospective hire’s answer will display their problem-solving and people skills.

5. Are you proficient with detecting changes in patients’ conditions, and why?

It is of utmost importance for a Hospital Sitter to detect changes swiftly, therefore the candidate needs to convince you they are observant.

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