High School Athletic Director Interview Questions

High School Athletic Director Interview Questions

July 13th, 2020

High School Athletic Directors may work at a high school or oversee all the high schools within a single school district. They are responsible for overseeing the high school athletics departments and performing administrative duties related to managing coaches and sports teams and scheduling sporting events.

When interviewing High School Athletic Directors, look for candidates who demonstrate a passion for sports education as well as an in-depth knowledge of all high school sports. Be wary of candidates who lack experience with scheduling, budgeting, and helping young athletes to develop their potential.

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Interview Questions for High School Athletic Directors:

1. In your opinion, what makes an athletic event successful?

Demonstrates candidates' industry experience and critical thinking skills.

2. What is your philosophy for winning versus playing time for all team members?

Illustrates candidates' experience with developing young athletes, teaching, and ethical considerations.

3. How would you support a coach whose players were not improving or developing?

Shows candidates' leadership, mentoring, and problem-solving skills.

4.What role do you think parents should play in an athletics program?

Demonstrates candidates' ability to build community ties and positive relationships.

5. What steps would you take to organize an away game for a sports team?

Illustrates candidates' attention to detail, planning, and scheduling skills.

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