Athletic Director Interview Questions

Athletic Director Interview Questions

October 7th, 2019

Athletic Directors supervise and coordinate all athletic activities for secondary and post secondary institutions. They will oversee coaching, team progress, department budgets and fundraising, and equipment and facility maintenance.

When interviewing Athletic Directors, look for candidates who demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills. Be wary of candidates who demonstrate a lack of current knowledge of the athletic industry's regulations and events.

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Interview Questions for Athletic Directors:

1. How do you manage athletic activities for the year and avoid conflicts or problems?

Demonstrates the candidates' management and organizational skills, as well as ability to plan ahead for issues that may occur.

2. How would you react if an athlete injured him or herself on a piece of equipment that you later find to be faulty?

Look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to handle stressful situations. Take note of candidates who lack interpersonal skills.

3. What would you do if a parent complained that his or her child deserved to be in a better team than the one you placed them in?

Demonstrates candidates' interpersonal skills, as well as ability to use knowledge of the team's progress to back up a placement decision.

4. What recent changes in the industry are you excited or concerned about?

Look for candidates who demonstrate current knowledge of industry trends.

5. How would you monitor a coach to ensure the best interests of the team and department?

Demonstrates candidates' leadership and management skills.

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