Game Developer Interview Questions

Game Developer Interview Questions

August 22nd, 2019

Game Developers, also known as Video Game Developers, create and design commercial video games for the gaming industry. These software engineers are involved in the full game design from conception through to the final testing phase.

When interviewing Game Developers, the most suitable candidate will exhibit strong design and coding skills, be up to date with the latest gaming trends, and be able to work according to strict deadlines. Be wary of candidates that cannot work as part of a team or who cannot problem solve major software issues.

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Interview Questions for Game Developers:

1. What game are you most proud of developing and why?

Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge of game design and indicates their programming specialty.

2. What systems do you use to create game concepts and story characters?

Demonstrates the candidate’s artistic and creative skills.

3. How do you organize and plan your project work?

Shows how the candidate structures their time and resources.

4. What are the most challenging issues of video game design?

Highlights potential problem areas.

Indicates the candidate’s willingness to maintain modern standards.

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