Front Desk Agent Interview Questions

Front Desk Agent

May 16th, 2019

Front Desk Agents work for hotels, motels and other accommodation establishments where they receive guests, check them in on arrival and check them out on departure. Ideal candidates are friendly, outgoing and hands-on. Avoid sullen, lethargic candidates.

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Front Desk Agent Interview Questions

1. Who was the most challenging person you have dealt with in the past, and how did you deal with them?

The potential hire's answer will show whether they have the ability to deal with challenging people. It is essential for a Front Desk Agent to deal with challenging guests in a tactful, gracious manner.

2. Do you have the ability to multitask, and why would you say so?

Listen carefully. The candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to multitask, as a Front Desk Agent needs to perform numerous tasks concurrently.

3. How do you manage to be friendly at work when you have personal problems?

It is important for a Front Desk Agent to be friendly and positive at all times. The potential candidate needs to display the ability to accomplish this.

4. Could you direct me to the following places nearby: a nightclub for patrons in my age group, an art gallery, a bakery and a tobacconist that sells cigars?

A Front Desk Agent needs to assist guests by providing them with general information. The potential hire needs to demonstrate this ability.

5. How would you respond if a guest leaves with towels—our towels—visible in the top of their luggage?

The candidate needs to display the ability to balance the interests of your establishment with the guests' needs in a tactful manner.

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