Food Service Worker Interview Questions

Food Service Worker

May 16th, 2019

Food Service Workers work for hospitals, prisons and educational institutions where they prepare and serve meals. Preferred candidates are friendly, dexterous and organized. Avoid sullen, lethargic applicants.

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Food Service Worker Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples of common, severe food allergies, and explain how you would perform your duties being mindful of these?

The prospective hire's answer will demonstrate their food knowledge. It is important for Food Service Workers to maintain knowledge of food allergies, as these could be potentially fatal.

2. Could you explain the terms Kosher and Halaal?

Listen carefully. Food Service Workers serve customers from various cultural and religious backgrounds, and need to be informed regarding these specific diets.

3. How do you deal with challenging customers?

Food Service Workers have to provide customers with efficient, friendly service in fast-paced, dynamic environments—and cannot be deterred and discouraged by disruptive customers. The applicant needs to show the ability to address this obstacle adequately.

4. Which aspect of your position do you enjoy most?

The prospective hire’s answer will give you an indication of their strengths.

5. Would you be able to work extended hours and still perform optimally, and why?

The candidate needs to convince you they can perform adequately despite working long shifts.

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