Food Server Interview Questions

Food Server

May 16th, 2019

A Food Server provides a restaurant's patrons with food and beverages, and ensures a pleasant dining experience. Ideal candidates are agile, friendly and hard-working. Avoid lethargic, insincere applicants.

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Food Server Interview Questions

1. How would you give effective service if you had five tables in your section seated simultaneously with guests?

Listen carefully. The applicant’s answer will demonstrate their time-keeping and problem-solving skills.

2. Are you proficient with identifying and avoiding ambience-related issues proactively, and why would you say so?

An efficient Food Server will swiftly identify, rectify and report ambience-related issues such as temperature problems, air quality issues, harsh lighting and music outages—before these compromise guests' dining experience. Avoid candidates who are oblivious to the overall dining environment.

3. How do you prevent yourself from becoming flustered and losing control of your operation when the heat is on?

The prospective hire will show their skill and experience in this answer. Losing control, or "spinning," is a common problem inexperienced Food Servers encounter, and battle to manage.

4. Could you explain the terms Bordeaux blend, Viognier, VSOP and XO respectively?

The candidate's answer will give you an indication of their beverage knowledge, which will clarify their experience level.

5. Have you ever retaliated when receiving a bad tip?

Observe the potential hire closely to evaluate the truthfulness of their answer. A professional Food Server will accept the bad with the good in a dignified manner.

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