Food Runner Interview Questions

Food Runner Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

The role of a Food Runner is to communicate and interact with guests while supporting servers and kitchen staff. Their duties include setting up tables, explaining menus, upholding safety standards, and checking up on customers. They perform small tasks necessary to provide quality customer service.

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Food Runner Interview Questions:

1. How do you handle a difficult customer?

Tests the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

2. Can you describe your method for ensuring that meals are delivered to the appropriate customers?

Demonstrates the candidate’s serving abilities and attention to detail.

3. A restaurant can become quite busy and stressful. How do you manage to work in a stressful environment?

Highlights the candidate’s ability to work under pressure.

4. How do you communicate a complex order to the kitchen staff?

Tests the candidate’s communication skills.

5. You will have to balance multiple orders and tasks. How would you prioritize your work?

Reveals the candidate’s multitasking skills.

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