Fashion Merchandiser Interview Questions

Fashion Merchandiser Interview Questions

June 30th, 2020

Fashion Merchandisers combine marketing and fashion design techniques to create visually appealing layouts and designs for retail clothing stores, fashion houses, and costume suppliers. The job also requires supply management, budgeting, and marketing knowledge.

When interviewing potential Fashion Merchandisers, look for candidates who display excellent interpersonal and communication skills, proficiency in visual design tools, and extensive knowledge of the latest fashion trends.

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Interview Questions for Fashion Merchandisers:

1. What are the latest trends shaping the fashion industry?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of the latest fashion news and developments.

2. What elements do you evaluate when sourcing apparel, accessories, and footwear?

Reveals the candidate's experience sourcing clothing items.

3. What makes a great visual display?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to create original and fresh designs.

4. What changes would you make to our current store layout?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of store layouts and their knowledge of your company.

5. How would you go about creating a budget for our winter selection?

Evaluates the candidate's budgeting skills and their knowledge of the latest winter fashion trends.

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