Visual Merchandiser Interview Questions

Visual Merchandiser Interview Questions

May 31st, 2019

Visual Merchandisers create appealing visual displays for retail outlets in order to attract buyers’ attention by capitalizing on the human tendency to ‘window-shop’.

When interviewing Visual Merchandisers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate an understanding of visual design principles and will be knowledgeable of current visual merchandising trends and best practices. Be wary of candidates who lack enthusiasm for visual design or struggle to discuss their visual design philosophy.

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Interview Questions for Visual Merchandisers:

1. Which visual design tools do you use to create sketches and floor plans of display areas?

Demonstrates an ability to use software to complete visual design tasks.

2. What factors contribute to a great window display for a store?

Reveals knowledge about successful visual design principles and work experience.

Illustrates continuous training and professional development.

4. What elements would you include in a Christmas-themed in-store display for our store?

Displays an understanding of visual elements used to reflect festive or seasonal themes.

5. Describe a time when you did not source the correct creative supplies for a display? How did you remedy the situation?

Shows accountability and the ability to fix mistakes.

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