Facilitator Job Description

Facilitator Job Description

October 7th, 2019

Facilitators host short-term, participant-centered interventions that aim to procure novel and existing insights. Facilitators may conduct these talking-based endeavors in educational or business settings.

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Facilitator Job Description Template

We are searching for a self-assured, fully engaged Facilitator to lead group conversations about newly-introduced content. The Facilitator should elucidate participants' existing knowledge, prepare pertinent, meaningful training material, and subsequently steer discussions thereof. The Facilitator should also monitor participants' performance to discern potential learning-related challenges within the cohort.

To ensure success as a Facilitator, you should exhibit zeal and confidence in order to bolster attendees' participation. Invariably, a superb Facilitator will skillfully traverse the line between facilitating and teaching, contingent on the subject matter.

Facilitator Responsibilities:

  • Highlighting needs pertaining to capacity development.
  • Perceiving which requirements are amenable to facilitation.
  • Pinpointing existing programs or formulating bespoke courses for use.
  • Selecting accompanying test materials.
  • Encouraging respect for ideas voiced during facilitation.
  • Steering conversations about the learning material.
  • Extracting varied insights from participants.
  • Administering and reviewing progress on assessments.
  • Tracking and conveying attendees' engagement to applicable figureheads.

Facilitator Requirements:

  • High school diploma.
  • Completion of a recognized Facilitators program.
  • Accredited qualification in a pertinent stream.
  • Demonstrable and relevant facilitation experience.
  • Capacity to formulate relevant, memorable curriculums.
  • Knowledgeable routine assessment and moderation operations.
  • Ability to drive critical, student-led dialogs about learning material.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Respectful, astute, and accommodating.

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