Facilitator Interview Questions

Facilitator Interview Questions

October 7th, 2019

Facilitators steer student-led discussions about predetermined material. These, developed by expert contributions from Facilitators, often culminate in the taking of comprehensive evaluations.

When interviewing Facilitators, exemplary candidates should be able to promote balanced and respectful content-based discussions. Avoid unenthused candidates with dubious classroom etiquette.

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Interview Questions for Facilitators:

1. How do facilitating and teaching differ?

Reviews knowledge about both variations of knowledge delivery.

2. What would you do to promote intelligent but respectful dialogs?

Highlights facilitation-related techniques.

3. How would you address an attendee who kept laughing disrespectfully?

Tests the capacity to foreground the need for respect and to institute fitting measures at meticulously calculated times.

4. What would you do if someone provided an incorrect response?

Examines the ability to furnish gentle but explicit correction while encouraging sustained contributions.

5. Which measures are useful for elucidating subpar performance?

Demonstrates early evaluation and remedial abilities.

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