Event Specialist Interview Questions

Event Specialist Interview Questions

July 2nd, 2020

Also known as Event Planners or Event Producers, Event Specialists are tasked with designing event concepts, managing budgets, sourcing sponsors, handling logistics, organizing event marketing, negotiating with vendors, preparing reports, hiring event staff, and evaluating event success.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, good negotiating skills, exceptional communication skills, and strong organizational abilities. Be wary of candidates with low energy, poor personal presentation, and poor interpersonal skills.

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Event Specialist Interview Questions

1. How do you prioritize your time and resources?

Look for candidates that demonstrate good time management and task management skills. Candidates should also highlight the prioritization of the essential basics for hosting a successful event.

2. How do you measure event success?

Look for candidates that demonstrate effective analytical skills. Candidates should also stress the importance of gathering and analyzing attendee feedback.

3. How do you enhance client experience at an event?

Look for candidates that demonstrate expert communication, organizational, and client services skills. Also, good Event Specialists always put the delivery of a great experience for attendees at the top of their list.

4. What marketing techniques do you normally use?

Look for candidates that employ effective marketing strategies. Candidates should also include electronic media in their marketing mix.

5. How do you handle stressful interactions with clients?

Look for candidates that demonstrate active listening skills, and good communication and problem-solving skills.

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