Event Coordinator Cover Letter

A step-by-step guide to writing an event coordinator cover letter.

Event Coordinator Cover Letter

July 22nd, 2020

An event coordinator cover letter should include all relevant information to show that you are a qualified candidate and a good match for the position.

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Event Coordinator Cover Letter Example:

[Zip Code]
[Telephone Number]
[Website/LinkedIn Link]

Dear [hiring manager’s title and last name, or their first name],

I found your advertisement for the Event Coordinator and am very interested in the position. My experience in event coordination and ability to [#1 skill] and [#2 skill] make me the perfect candidate for the job. I know my skill set and industry knowledge will be invaluable to [name of the company/organization].

I am most impressed by [mention notable milestones or characteristics you appreciate about the company/institution] and have some great ideas of my own to contribute. When I worked on [mention a successful project/initiative you were involved in], we managed to [describe the result(s) of the project]. I believe your [talk about a project or company initiative you are especially interested in] will make waves in the industry and I’d feel privileged to be a part of such an innovative team.

In my role as [former or current position], I achieved [describe accomplishment(s) and strengthen it with a statistic, if possible], which improved [mention the effect this accomplishment had on the organization or company in question]. Most recently I attended [name relevant workshops/courses/training you’ve completed] that helped me sharpen my [list key skills or valuable attributes].

I have attached my resume and [mention any other documents that were requested, if applicable]. If you like my ideas, I have many more I’d like to discuss with you.

Sincerely, [Full name]

How to Write an Event Coordinator Cover Letter:

1. Address the hiring manager by name.

Find out their name and address them directly. This shows effort and initiative.

2. List your most relevant skills.

Look over the job description and list your skills that match what the role requires. For an event coordinator, this will likely be time management and planning skills.

3. Talk about the company.

Do some research into the company and find out which projects they are working on. Explain why you are interested in working for them by referencing these projects. They may, for example, be the lead event coordinators for a large yearly event that you have ideas for.

4. Describe your former position.

Talk about your former or current role and describe your achievements. Try to use statistics to show the results of your work.

5. Mention any workshops you have attended.

Describe workshops or courses that you have completed which make you more knowledgeable about your field, like a course on new planning software.

6. Make the hiring manager aware of attached documents.

If the job description requests additional documents like your CV, resume, or references from clients, make sure that the hiring manager knows to look out for them.


What should I include in an event coordinator cover letter?

An event coordinator cover letter should include some motivation for why you believe you are qualified for the role. Mention specific skills and experience you have that are relevant. You should also explain why you want to work for that particular company.

What does an event coordinator cover letter look like?

Our event coordinator cover letter template outlines what your cover letter should look like.