Equity Research Associate Interview Questions

Equity Research Associate Interview Questions

January 5th, 2021

Also known as Private Equity Research Associates, Equity Research Associates are tasked with analyzing securities on financial markets, creating financial modeling charts, performing financial market research, generating reports, predicting profits, and developing screening tools.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate strong numerical skills, good knowledge of finance and investments, and good communication skills. Be wary of candidates with poor interpersonal skills, limited knowledge of stocks, or who exhibit poor problem-solving skills.

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Equity Research Associate Interview Questions

1. What methods do you use in your stock valuation?

Look for candidates that use industry standard and common stock valuation methods when making investment judgments.

2. What ratios do you use to analyze a company?

Look for candidates that demonstrate knowledge of the different ratios. Candidates should also demonstrate analytical skills.

3. Which industries have you researched and analyzed in your work history?

Look for candidates that have worked across a broad range of industries including industries your organization is interested in.

4. How do you deal with conflict around which stocks to invest in?

Look for candidates that demonstrate strong communication and negotiating skills.

Look for candidates that demonstrate extensive work experience. Candidates should also demonstrate an ability to improve their skills and knowledge, and learn from past mistakes.

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