Domestic Helper Interview Questions

Domestic Helper Interview Questions 420X320 20200625

August 6th, 2020

A domestic helper, also known as a cleaner or maid, helps families by cleaning their homes. Domestic helpers consult families to find out what their needs and preferences are.

When interviewing domestic helpers, successful candidates will show excellent organization skills and a passion for order. Be wary of candidates who appear to lack energy.

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Interview Questions for Domestic Helpers:

1. When cleaning a home, which order do you follow to get the most work done in a day?

Shows the candidate's planning skills and ability to prioritize tasks.

2. Which products would you use to clean a wine stain on a carpet?

Shows the candidate's knowledge of cleaning methods.

3. Have you ever accidentally broken an item? How did you react?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication skills and honesty.

4. If an item of clothing or area of the house requires more professional cleaning (like a dry cleaning service), how would you approach suggesting this service?

Shows the ability to be honest about their skills and an understanding of cleaning.

5. How do you plan to travel to the home? Is this a reliable method of transportation?

As many domestic helpers rely on public transport, this shows whether a candidate will be on time.

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