Domestic Engineer Interview Questions

Domestic Engineer Interview Questions

August 6th, 2020

Domestic engineers specialize in creating a clean, tidy, and safe home environment. They consult with family members to determine household needs and expectations, develop and execute customized housekeeping schedules, and provide childcare. They may also drive children to and from designated locations.

When interviewing domestic engineers, look for candidates who exhibit housekeeping expertise and extensive childcare experience. Be wary of candidates who fail to provide contact details for previous employers and those with limited knowledge of household safety.

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Interview Questions for Domestic Engineers:

1. What habits and checks keep a family home safe and hazard-free?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of safety precautions and considerations.

2. What snacks would you typically offer young children between mealtimes?

Assesses the candidate's childcare experience and their ability to promote healthy eating habits.

3. Can you explain your approach to planning and prioritizing your duties?

Evaluates the candidate's knowledge of household tasks and their ability to manage time efficiently.

4. Can you describe activities that young children enjoy and actively engage in?

Reveals the candidate's experience with children, as well as their knowledge of safe and age-appropriate activities.

Reveals the candidate's knowledge and experience, as well as their problem-solving and communication skills.

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