Director of Marketing Interview Questions

Director Of Marketing

May 16th, 2019

A Director of Marketing is an executive manager who leads a company's marketing department. Preferred candidates are trendspotters with exceptional marketing and people skills. Avoid insincere, vapid candidates.

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Director of Marketing Interview Questions

1. What would you do if your promotional idea—in which you had confidence—were to be opposed by senior management and your marketing team?

The answer to this question will display the candidate’s people skills and their leadership abilities.

2. Could you give me examples of three successful product launches you lead in your previous position?

The potential hire's answer will show their capabilities and experience.

3. Are you proficient with putting together a winning marketing team, and why would you say so?

The candidate’s answer will demonstrate their ability to build the marketing department.

4. How do you succeed in sounding convincingly human when writing press releases—not just as if you are trying to follow recipes in saying the ‘right’ things?

Press releases are a valuable part of a company's marketing strategy, and a Director of Marketing must show the ability to write high-quality press releases.

5. Could you give me examples from past experience where you successfully managed negative reviews on social media?

Listen carefully. The potential hire needs to show the ability to change this negative into a positive.

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