Data Entry Clerk Interview Questions

Data Entry Clerk Interview Questions

July 23rd, 2019

Data Entry Clerks update a company's databases. They collect information, capture data and store hard copies. Ideal candidates should be details-orientated, energetic, focused and have good people's skills. Avoid lethargic, unfocussed candidates.

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Data Entry Clerk Interview Questions

1. What is your typing speed?

Internationally it is expected of Data Entry Clerks to have an average typing speed of 30 to 40 words per minute. Do not place too much emphasis on typing speeds that vastly exceed this average. Remember that quality shouldn’t suffer because of quantity.

2. Who is the most challenging person you have dealt with in your previous job/s, and how did you deal with the person?

The answer will demonstrate your potential hire's interpersonal skills. It is important for the right candidate to get along with others within the company—as well as with customers—to collect information. A breakdown in communication could obstruct the flow of information that is needed to accurately reflect the activities of the business.

3. Do you have the ability to concentrate on repetitive tasks for extended periods? In previous situations, where have you found yourself to demonstrate this ability?

Data entry can be repetitive and unvarying. Candidates who are focused, ensure employers reduce financial costs and liability risks associated with inaccurate, misplaced or lost information.

4. Which application programs are you familiar with?

Competence in using standard workplace application programs is essential to be a successful Data Entry Clerk.

5. How do you handle sensitive information?

At times, a Data Entry Clerk may need to work with confidential information. Make sure the potential hire can handle confidential information in an appropriate manner.

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