Criminal Profiler Job Description

Criminal Profiler Job Description

February 14th, 2020

Also known as Criminal Investigative Analysts, Criminal Profilers examine evidence at crime scenes in an effort to identify common behaviors and traits of a perpetrator. By analyzing data from similar crimes and offenders, they are able to draw up a profile of a suspect to help law enforcement determine who might have committed the crime.

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Criminal Profiler Job Description Template

We are looking to hire a motivated and competent Criminal Profiler to assist our law enforcement department in their investigations. The Criminal Profiler will examine crime scenes, evidence, prior case files, and witness statements to develop behavioral and psychological profiles of suspects and convey these findings to investigators.

The successful applicant will have proven experience as a detective or qualified criminal profiler. You should be highly analytical and possess sound investigative abilities, emotional intelligence, and organizational skills.


  • Identify behavior patterns, personality traits, psychological status, demographic, and geographic information based on crime scenes to develop offender profiles.
  • Working knowledge of personality assessments, investigative strategy, geographic profiling, interviewing techniques, and crime analyses.
  • Provide advice and guidance to police officers and investigators.
  • Conduct research and analyze data from similar case files in order to reach a conclusion.
  • Engage in ongoing training to remain knowledgeable and learn about new developments in the field.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner and adhere to local laws and regulations.
  • Provide expert testimony in a court trial as required.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Psychology, or related field.
  • A Master's or PhD may be preferred.
  • Extensive investigative experience and training in law enforcement is required.
  • Further certification from an accredited institution may be required.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong intuition and analytical skills.
  • Ability to manage stress.
  • No prior felony record.
  • Ability to travel.

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