Construction Laborer Interview Questions

Construction Laborer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Construction Laborers, or Construction Workers, prepare work sites, build structures, and clean up when their work is done. Strong candidates will be knowledgeable about building techniques, tools, and equipment. Avoid candidates who struggle with rule compliance, directions, or physical labor.

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Interview Questions for Construction Laborers

1. What was the most complex construction project you’ve been involved with?

Reveals more about work history.

2. Do you have any experience, licenses, or certifications that would allow you to operate special equipment?

Supports technical skills.

3. How would you handle a rule violation or an accident? Support you answer with experience.

Demonstrates rule compliance.

4. Do you think communication and comprehension are important in physical labor? Why or why not?

Tests focus on communication.

5. How do you begin each work day? How do you end it?

Reveals work expectations.

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