Construction Manager Interview Questions

Construction Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Construction managers oversee construction projects. They collaborate with project partners, and manage site foremen. Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic and organized, and be skillful delegators. Avoid negative and disorganized candidates.

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Construction Manager Interview Questions

1. What would you do if extreme weather conditions or labor action causes delays in this project?

This will show if the potential candidate is equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays in a project that has no room for delays.

2. How do you keep workers motivated to perform accurately with changing requests, obstacles, time constraints and budget limitations?

Listen carefully. It is the Construction Manager's responsibility to employ initiatives to motivate staff. The answer will also give you an indication of the potential hire's people skills and leadership style.

3. I would like details regarding your latest project's success. Can you tell me about challenges you encountered, and how you overcame them?

This will give you a good understanding of the potential hire’s abilities.

4. We have our expectations of you as listed in our job ads. Which additional skills do you have that would make you the perfect candidate for this position?

These may be skills that make a particular candidate more of a suitable choice than other prospective candidates.

5. Which practical steps would you take if this project starts falling behind or exceeds budget?

Listen carefully. It is not negotiable that the project has to be completed within budget and on time. The candidate’s answer will assure you these expectations will be met.

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