Conciliator Interview Questions

Conciliator Interview Questions

September 25th, 2019

Conciliators work to resolve conflicts, where the subject of disagreement may range from business dealings to family relations. Many Conciliators specialize in specific kinds of conflict resolution.

When interviewing Conciliators, strong candidates will be committed to devising just, holistic solutions. Avoid candidates who cannot maintain neutrality and those who lack negotiation skills.

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Interview Questions for Conciliators:

1. Can you describe your approach to conducting conciliation?

Examines equity, meticulousness, and beneficence.

2. Other than our offices, where would you conduct conciliation?

Assesses the regard for safety, neutrality, and ease of access.

3. Have you ever been too deeply invested in a case?

Reveals the capacity to compartmentalize one's own experiences while acknowledging that some cases may be evocative.

4. When did one of your arrangements look suitable on paper, but ill-fitting in reality?

Shows a regard for context and subtleties.

5. If given the option, which of your former solutions would you revise?

Demonstrates introspection, an acknowledgement of shortcomings, and confidence in one's capacity to conciliate well.

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